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Name:Mr. Romulus Kuncoro [Employee]
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Phone Number:62-267-440287
Fax Number:62-267-440289
Address:Jl surya utama kav I-14 kota industri surya cipta
karawang 41361, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Apr. 19, 2007
Last Updated:Apr. 19, 2007
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Automobile category

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PTBI is a worldleader company for steelcord, wire product and advanced material. In selected applications of its two core competences – advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings– Bekaert develops an array of high-tech products, systems and services for customers in various sectors.
While Bekaert markets virtually no end-user products, it keeps its finger on the pulse at all times, so that it can anticipate its customers’ needs. In its quest to offer them ever greater added value, it is steadily moving up the value chain in a whole range of products.

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